A. Private Interview (50%). 3-4 Minutes per Contestants. Wear professional and trendy attire, skirtset,

pantset or dress. Judges will score based of;

20 Points = Personality

20 Points = Communication Skills

20 Points = Personal Appearance

20 Points = Personal Goals

20 Points = Community Involvement/Interest

** Delegate who receives Highest Score in Interview will automatically advance to Top 10.


B. Press Conference (20%). Panel Discussion with Moderator, conversation with MCS Delegates to talk about education, community, political climate, career Path, women in tech, leadership, entertainment, modeling, pageantry, social media and social issues.

C. Swimwear (10%). MCS Delegates will provide her own one or two-piece swimwear, may wear sarong. She will be scored based of; Fitness & Lifestyle, Confidence and Total Look and Performance on Stage.

D. Runway (10%). MCS Delegates will model her own runway outfit, which can be a high fashion, fun fashion, casual or event costume. MCS Delegates will be scored based of; runway skills, posture, beauty and overall marketability as a professional fashion model.

E. Evening Gown (10%). The Evening evening gown must touch the floor and must be age appropriate. Each delegate will be judged on her total look. Judges give a score based on the delegate’s beauty, carriage and grace, personality, and stage presence, as well as her sense of style.


OPTIONAL TALENT. 90 seconds or shorter. Judges give a score based of; delegate’s unique talent, strong performance and audience approval.


OPTIONAL COSTUME. Judges give a score based of; costume’s originality, creativity, attention to detail and overall costume presentation to the audience.


OPTIONAL PLATFORM PRESENTATION. 3 minutes or shorter. Judges give a score based of; platform or projects impact to community,presenters communication skills and overall presentation

OPTIONAL PRODUCT/BUSINESS “Elevator Pitch”. 30-40 seconds. Judges give a score based of; Completeness, Impact and overall delivery of your message.

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